A number of years ago, one of the chefs I used to work with used to make this wonderful omelette.

But who is Arnold Bennett? According to Wikipedia, Enoch Arnold Bennett (27 May 1867 – 27 March 1931) was an English author, best known as a novelist. He was a prolific writer: between the start of his career in 1898 and his death he completed 34 novels, seven volumes of short stories, 13 plays (some in collaboration with other writers), and a daily journal totalling more than a million words. He wrote articles and stories for more than 100 different newspapers and periodicals, worked in and briefly ran the Ministry of Information in the First World War, and wrote for the cinema in the 1920s. The sales of his books were substantial, and he was the most financially successful British author of his day.

An omelette Arnold Bennett is one that incorporates smoked haddock, hard cheese (typically Cheddar), and cream. It was created at the Savoy Grill for Bennett, who was a regular guest, by one of the chefs there called Jean Baptiste Virlogeux.

If you dine at The Savoy Grill you will still find it on the menu.


Click on the link for an up to date version, made with gruyere cheese.

Around this time of year you see  a lot of people out picking fruit in the countryside. Usually it’s brambles, but there are also a lot of others foraging for damsons.

Many are most secretive about where they source their supply. A large proportion make gin, jam and jelly, but there are plenty of other ways of cooking with these delicious autumnal fruit.

Click on the link below for some inspirational ideas…



With the Tokyo Paralympics starting on Tuesday 24th August what better way to celebrate the achievements of the thousands of athletes worldwide who will be competing than recreating 8 of Japan’s most popular dishes at home?

My favourites are Chicken Katsu Curry and Beef Fillet Tataki.


Click on the link below for the recipes…


“With the Tokyo Olympics now in full swing, why not enjoy some Japanese cuisine to really get into the spirit of the games in this fascinating country.

Just click on the link below to capture the essence of true Japanese style cooking in your own kitchen.


Bon appetite – or as they say in Japan, “Meshiagare!”


Summer season is truly upon us!

I hope you are all enjoying the additional freedom we are experiencing, if not the awful weather.

July is the time when fruit and vegetables are in abundance in Scotland, and we can take full advantage of their freshness.

Moral Fibres is a UK based eco blog written by Wendy Graham, a sustainability expert. Her aim is to make sustainability simple, by researching and writing on all things environmental - from product guides to breaking down big ideas and has some very interesting information about the subject.


Click on the link below to find out more about the fruit, vegetables and herbs that are in season at the moment.


Some of us are planning a much needed holiday in the sun in the coming weeks, while others are being slightly more cautious about their travel plans.

Foe those of you who are staying locally, I thought I’d share this link with you. There are some great places to choose from throughout Scotland. 



As we all celebrate our new found freedom by heading for our favourite pub or restaurant for our first drink or meal out in what seems like forever, the hospitality industry is asking everyone to be kind to the people working in hospitality with the launch of a social media campaign #bekindhospitality.

Graham Chalmers, Curator, Radisson RED Glasgow comments, “It’s been a tough time for everyone and all of us in the hospitality industry are THRILLED to be able to welcome customers back to our venues.



I thought that this was an uplifting and honest interview with someone who has really ridden through the storm throughout the pandemic and yet is still refreshingly positive about their career and their future. I especially liked her quote at the end of the article "After all, success isn't something that can be clung too, it is always moving and one must continue to reach for the stars - literally, or figuratively."


Spring lamb from Scotland is absolutely delicious, and is wonderfully versatile. Our fresh meat supplier,Campbell’s Prime Meat, has partnered with Nick Nairn to recommend some creative recipes to try with local lamb. I recommend tha Rosemary lamb kebabs with pea and mint dip.


Eating out has never been more prevalent, with restaurants and cafes doing booming business with deliveries to homes. But this surge in poularity comes a surge of polystyrene and plastic containers and cutlery, at a time when we are desperately trying to slow down the detrimental effect man is having on the environment.

The article below demonstrates an innovative solution introduced by a well known American brand describing itself as “a modern roadside burger stand originally sprouting from a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park, NYC.” A product we’ll be looking into!


Are you a fan of cookery shows?

Well, you’ll be delighted to hear of the return of Great British Chefs on Wednesday 24th March at 8pm.

The series features a total of 32 chefs from the UK who battle it out to the Great British Menu banquet 2021.

Scottish chefs include Roberta Hall-McCarron from Edinburgh’s The Little Chartroom, Amy Elles from The Harbour CafĂ© in Fife, Stuart Ralston from Aizle, Edinburgh, and Scott Smith from Fhior, Edinburgh. Good luck to them all!