Thinking of booking a skiing holiday in the Alps next year?

Everyone hopes we’ll be back on the slopes soon.

If not, you can always console yourself by making some of these fantastic recipes using the amazing gruyere cheese – starting with raclette.


Click on the link and transport yourself to a rustic hut deep in the Swiss Alps surrounded by glaciers, forests and rivers!



 November is upon us…

 If you are planning a trip to the countryside, expect to see Barbour clad gun toting groups of stalkers and shooters, out to bag a few birds or something larger.

Species you can hunt at specific times of the year in Scotland include pheasant, partridge, grouse, common snipe, woodcock, duck, brown hare, mountain hare, red deer, fallow deer, sika deer and roe deer.

Check for information.

The shooting of game is regulated in order to preserve and protect the balance of the species. Closed seasons provide the game the opportunity to breed and mature.

 Here are some fantastic recipes for venison…

The word venison refers to the meat of a deer, most commonly roe and red in the UK. It is classed as game and can either be farm or park reared. Venison is a red meat, similar to beef but leaner and with a slightly richer taste. It is increasingly popular in the UK for its distinctive flavour and high protein content, becoming widely available in supermarkets and butchers.

 Click on this link for some fantastic and inspiring recipes…

 I thoroughly recommend Josh Eggleton’s venison burger recipe!


I don't want to panic you, but it's' only 50 sleeps till the big day!

While you may not be able to welcome all your family into your home on the big day, you can always console yourself with plenty of time to menu plan for the big day. Here are tips from last year's Great British Chefs website to get you into the mood...


Do you love Spanish food?

Then read on!

The decision to close bridges to so many of our favourite Mediterranean destinations has been made even harder to accept with the restrictions regarding licensed premises in many parts of Scotland. If you are planning a trip to your to favourite Spanish tapas bars or restaurant you may find it is either closed, open under restricted hours, and possibly even unable to offer you so much as a sniff of Rioja.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t seek out these pleasures in your own home as ingredients are widely available in Scotland, and there are fantastic recipes to create your own authentic Spanish cuisine…

 Just click on the link below and enjoy…!


 As the bounty of the summer months comes to an end, it's the time for root vegetables, mushrooms, brassicas and squash to get their turn in the spotlight. Take a look at ten vegetarian and vegan recipes that showcase the autumnal larder in exciting new ways. Click on the link for some fantastic recipes courtesy of Great British Chefs…

 Travelling to far flung destinations seems like a distant memory these days, and one of the highlights for me is always the amazing local cuisine.

Thankfully, we can experience fantastic food on our own doorstep.

Here are six dishes recommended by Good Housekeeping…Bon appetit!


Did you miss your annual Spanish holiday this year?  You can still experience some of that Mediterranean feel by cooking amazing dishes using Spanish olives. According to Jose Pizarro,

olives have been at the heart of Spanish culture and cuisine for more than 2000 years. The sunny weather of Southern Europe, temperate winters and rich, fertile soil are idyllic for growing the perfect olive. They’re one of the few foods with all four basic flavours – sweet, salty, bitter and acidic meaning they work well in a wide variety of recipes.

Here’s José's guide to the different profiles of the main varieties:
Gordal – sometimes known as Queen olives – are large, meaty and mild, making them a great pairing for tomatoes and in stews. 
Manzanilla meaning “little apple”, are much smaller. Easy to pit, these tender olives are strong in flavour and perfect for salads or to accompany a crisp white wine. 
Hojiblanca olives are a black olive variety, firm, with a robust flavour. They’re a great addition to tapas or in a pasta sauce to add a rich depth of flavour. 
If you fancy trying out one of José’s recipes for yourself, click on the link below...




 Cookbook club


As the nights draw in and the difficulty of choosing presents for friends and relatives for Christmas draws nearer, what better way of spending time than leafing through a beautiful book full of recipes. It’s a medium that’s stronger than ever before, with cookbooks topping bestseller charts throughout the year. Why not follow chefs and other foodies and join the Great British Chefs Cookbook club?

Wellness for Autumn


The SHA Wellness Clinic offer some great advice as the nights draw in and available seasonal produce becomes distinctly autumnal!


“Autumn is in full swing and just like our wardrobe selection changes with the seasons, so should our diet! Why? Because our bodies need to change throughout the seasons, so, eating a salad in winter would be the equivalent of wearing a bikini when the temperatures are cold. Unless you’re living in a tropical country, the idea of wearing swimwear in winter sounds crazy. So should eating salads and tropical fruits!

“Eating a salad in winter would be the equivalent of wearing a bikini when the temperatures are cold.”

So what should one be eating at this time of year? As the temperatures drop, we need to nourish and warm the body from the inside, to balance the yin and the yang. If we’re eating ‘cold’ foods, also known as yin foods, such as fruits, raw vegetables, salads and cold drinks, we’re overpowering the yin, leaving us feeling cold from the inside out and more prone to falling ill. Therefore, the colder months are all about eating the grounding and nourishing yang foods that are going to balance our hormones, strengthen our immune system, boost our energy and feel well all rounded.”

Turnip or pumpkin for Hallowe’en?


While many of have nostalgic feelings about carving out a turnip, it’s incredibly difficult, and, it has to be said, not nearly as aesthetically pleasing as a pumpkins, Jack O Lanterns are so called from the legend of Stingy Jack, a drunkard who bargains with Satan, and is doomed to roam the Earth with only a hollowed out turnip to light his way.

If your choice is the pumpkin, then head to Arnprior in Stirlingshire. It’s a great day out for all the family.

Winter vegetable gardeners

Feeling green fingered over winter? If you fancy growing your own vegetables, outside or within a greenhouse, Sue Sanderson recommends ten easy options to keep you busy over the chilly months…

Winter holidays to beat the blues

The majority of us have been dreaming of a sunshine holiday this year, and this is unlikely to become a reality unless the situation changes in the near future. But with time to reflect as we are advised to stay at home, there is no harm in looking at where we could go, if we could shut our eyes and transport ourselves there.

Here are the top five destinations, as recommended by