Stewed apple, pear and rhubarb

I had some apple, pear and rhubarb mulling around my kitchen.  I decided to jazz them up with a little sugar and vanilla and make some stewed fruit. Fantastic on porridge or mixed with a little yogurt or even on top of vanilla ice cream. If you do not have any vanilla pods, a bay leaf or a bit of ginger would also be delicous.

Recipe below...


1 apple
2 pears
2 stalks of rhubarb cut into 2cm cubes
4 tblsp of caster sugar

Peel and dice the apple and pear and put into a medium saucepan with the sugar and the diced rhubarb.  Split a vanilla pod down the centre and scrape out the seeds.  Put the seeds and the pod into the pan along with the fruit. Put the pan onto a high heat and bring to the simmer.  Simmer the fruit until the rhubarb breaks down an dthe apple and pear are tender, about 6 minutes.  Turn off the heat and pour the stewed fruit into a clean jar.  Leave to cool.

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