Whiskey, ginger and orange chocolate truffles

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Whisky, ginger and orange chocolate truffles

As most of you know I am forever harking on about healthy eating and fresh ingredients.  But once in a while I think it is time for a spot of indulgence. These magical, silky soft truffles are deliciously easy to make.  Dark and sophisticated they make wonderful gifts (thought personally I have never been able to part with them).  I remember when I first made this recipe only half of them made it to the customer.  The rest were “tested” by the waitresses and other chefs.  We never had any left over after the night’s service!

Studded with orange and whiskey, these truffles add a touch of luxury to any table. They can be eaten with coffee after dinner or as a generous bite in the afternoon. They are easy to store and freeze extremely well.  Using salted butter may seem a bit strange in a dessert but the salt makes the truffles taste even chocolatier.  Trust me.

The Albafoodie

1 orange
200g dark chocolate
200 ml double cream
1 tblsp of Brandy
20g salted butter
2 tblsp of crystallised ginger very finely chopped
100g chopped hazelnuts or cocoa powder

Peel the zest off an orange with a peeler and put it into medium sauce pan along with the cream.  Heat the cream slowly until the mixture comes just to the boil.  Take off the heat.  Meanwhile break the chocolate into small pieces and put into a food processor and process until the chocolate has broken up into small pieces.  With the machine still running pour in the hot cream in a steady stream.  And then add the butter and the brandy, rum or whisky.  If you do not have a food processor you can smash the chocolate up with the end of a rolling pin and whisk the hot cream into the chocolate until the mixture is smooth.  The mixture may look split continue to mix the chocolate and as it cools it will come together. This may take a couple of minutes.

Allow the mixture to cool and put into the fridge for a few ours or overnight to set.

Once set, roll into teaspoon sized balls and coat with the chopped hazelnuts or cocoa powder.  A neat trick is to keep the truffles stored in the nuts or cocoa as this helps to keep the truffles separate.

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