How to feel good in February…

With January behind us, we look forward to spring – but it still seems a long way off, and with the wet windy weather and continuation of dark nights, there doesn’t always seem much to look forward to… UNTIL NOW!

Here are ten things to brighten up your February…

1 Prepare your garden borders for planting hardy annuals such as limnanthes, convulvus tricolor and borage. Plant roses along with deciduous shrubs if there is no frost or snow on the ground.

2 Celebrate Chinese New Year by cooking a delicious stir fry of seasonal vegetables

3 Buy some spring flowers such as tulips and daffodils to bring colour and freshness to your home.

 4 Choose a favourite winter walk near your home – preferably with a great pub at the end of it to look forward to!

5 Have a spring clear out – it’s amazing what clutter can build up in your home after Christmas!

6 Buy a bird table or feeder and gain pleasure from watching the huge variety of wildlife enticed into your garden.

7 Make an extra effort on Valentine’s day to prepare and surprise your partner with a romantic meal!

8 Plant a pot of spring bulbs indoors and take pleasure from their growth from green shoots to flowers

9 Make pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and eat with sharp tangy lemon juice and sugar while they’re still hot!! 

10 Plan a trip away – whether it’s a summer beach holiday, cruise, or city break - it will be something to look forward to as the days lighten and the summer sun starts appearing!

Happy February!

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