Kenyan business woman launches bakery business with Albacore support.

Brenda Kaiza is originally from a small village in Western Kenya, and relocated to the Kenyan coast to pursue a career in hospitality and tourism as a Pastry Chef in one of the popular beach hotels.
After working for seven years in the same hotel she built a strong reputation for her high standard of desserts and cakes, and to improve her home and work life balance she recently made the decision to set up her own bakery business, preparing celebration cakes and bakery goods from home.
She had the skills and determination however what was missing was a mixer and oven capable of producing the quality and volume of baking products to sustain the business.
Albacore funded the initial deposit for the oven and mixer, and we are delighted that Brenda has already started to receive orders. As her reputation grows, we wish her every success in her new venture.
As they say in Swahili “Tunataka kila mafanikio ktika biashara yako!” “We wish you every success in your business!”

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