Unusual Christmas Festivities
There are so many ways of celebrating  Christmas round the world. We have our Christmas trees, but some other countries do it very differently.
A new tradition has  emerged with Japanese families ordering  a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken!
This includes a Christmas themed standard bucket and a premium roast bird feast!
The Yuke lads – thirteen troll like characters visit children across Iceland over thirteen nights . Children place their best shoes by the window and receive nice gifts from the lads if they’re good, and rotting potatoes if they’re not! Dressed in traditional costume,The michievious lad’s names include Stubby, Spoon-Licker, Meat-Hook and Doorway-Sniffer!
On St Nicholas Day St Nikolaus travels by donkey in the middle of the night on 6th December, and leaves chocolate, oranges, toys and coins in children’s shoes. He also visits children at home or at school and in return for a poem, drawing or song children are given sweets and toys. Naughty children are threatened with a stick or whip by Nikolaus’s side kick Farmhand Rupert who is a devil like character wearing dark clothes, bells and a dirty beard.
In Norway people hide their brooms  as they believe that witches and evil spirits come out on Christmas Eve looking for brooms to ride on. People believe they may be stolen!
In Venezuela’s capital, Caracas, residents head to church on rollerskates. Roads are closed to cars to ensure people’s safety and they head home afterwards for tamales which aresteamed wraps made of cornmeal dough stuffed with meat.
On Little candles day which marks the start of the Christmas season, people place candles and paper lanterns in their windows , front yards and balconies in honour of the Virgin Mary and the Immaculate Conception. In Quimbaya neighbourhoods compete for the best display.
In Toronto the cavalcade of lights illuminates the centre of Toronto. It first took place in 1967 to celebrate the newly completed City Hall and Nathan Phillips Square.
So if you are planning to visit any of these amazing places, make sure it’s during the festive season for an entirely different feel to the festive time of year!

Merry Christmas!

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