Global travel expands our menu choices in the UK…As far flung countries become more and more popular with travelers from the UK, so too do the expectations of our customers.
Not only are our workforces becoming more cosmopolitan, British people are becoming more adventurous with their eating habits, and expect to be able to choose from a range of Streetfood choices as well s the more traditional dishes we offer within our workplace dining facilities.
Here are some of the favourites for 2018…
Jamaican Jerk Chicken:
Spicy, fiery chicken, marinaded overnight, and cooked over wood. Serve with coconut rice and mango salsa.
Pulled Pork from America:
The meat is cooked slowly at low temperatures allowing it to become tender enough to be pulled, or easily broken into individual pieces. It is popular served in a bun with coleslaw.
Bel Puri from India:
This is a savoury snack originating from the Indian subcontinent, and is also a type of chaat. It is made of puffed rice, vegetables and a tangy tamarind sauce.
Halo halo from the Philippines:
This is a dessert in layers, made with shaved ice, evaporated milk, ice cream, and a variety of different ingredients including sweetened red and white beans, lychee, gelatins, coconut strings, jackfruit, plantains and a serving of crème caramel.
Chilli crab from Singapore has a sweet, savoury and spicy tomato sauce on its’ outer shell.
Ta’amiya is an Egyptian falafel made from fava beans and believed to be good for reducing cholesterol, due to it’s high fibre content. They are served with a mint yoghurt sauce, aubergine dip and flatbread.
Arepas are a snack served in Colombia in a variety of ways, for breakfast, appetizer, or side dish. It’s made of corn and grilled before filling with cheese, and recommended to be tried in the capital city of Bogota.
Bubble tea from Taiwan:
These are tea recipes made from a base mixed with fruit or milk. Tapioca balls (or bubbles) are added) with jellies made from tropical fruits, and ice blended versions have a slushy consistency when mixed with syrup or fruit.
Polish Pierogi are hollow pastries, made from thinly rolled dough with various fillings  such as forcemeat, sauerkraut and mushrooms. They have a large number of variations making it suitable for a snack, starter or dessert.

We enjoy experimenting with recipes from around the world, and look to our customers from other countries as well as the adventurous travellers for new ideas to offer our customers.

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