November is upon us…

 If you are planning a trip to the countryside, expect to see Barbour clad gun toting groups of stalkers and shooters, out to bag a few birds or something larger.

Species you can hunt at specific times of the year in Scotland include pheasant, partridge, grouse, common snipe, woodcock, duck, brown hare, mountain hare, red deer, fallow deer, sika deer and roe deer.

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The shooting of game is regulated in order to preserve and protect the balance of the species. Closed seasons provide the game the opportunity to breed and mature.

 Here are some fantastic recipes for venison…

The word venison refers to the meat of a deer, most commonly roe and red in the UK. It is classed as game and can either be farm or park reared. Venison is a red meat, similar to beef but leaner and with a slightly richer taste. It is increasingly popular in the UK for its distinctive flavour and high protein content, becoming widely available in supermarkets and butchers.

 Click on this link for some fantastic and inspiring recipes…

 I thoroughly recommend Josh Eggleton’s venison burger recipe!

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