Quick chocolate mousse

This is the easiest chocolate mousse recipe that you have ever seen.  The recipe was developed by a French physical chemist called Herve This. It turns on its head the common misconception that chocolate should never be mixed with water.

The idea is to melt some good quality chocolate with some water.  This porduces a thin mixture similar to a chocolate sauce.  The sauce is then cooled in a bowl set over ice.  Whie it is cooling the mixture in whisked until it thickens.  As it thickens, air is incorporated and a silky mouse is created.

Quick Chocolate mousse

Serves 4
Preparation time: 20 minutes

100g dark chocolate broken into small pieces
100 g water
Bag of ice

Bring the water to the boil in a small sauce pan and turn off the heat. Immediately put all of the chocolate into the pan and whisk until it has completely melted and smooth.  Take two metal bowls and fill one half full with ice and a little water.  Put the other bowl on top to create an ice bath.  Pour the chocolate mixture into the top bowl and start to whisk. After 2 minutes the chocolate should start to thicken.  Stop when it looks like lightly whipped cream. Reserve the mixture in the fridge.

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