Eating out has never been more prevalent, with restaurants and cafes doing booming business with deliveries to homes. But this surge in poularity comes a surge of polystyrene and plastic containers and cutlery, at a time when we are desperately trying to slow down the detrimental effect man is having on the environment.

The article below demonstrates an innovative solution introduced by a well known American brand describing itself as “a modern roadside burger stand originally sprouting from a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park, NYC.” A product we’ll be looking into!


Are you a fan of cookery shows?

Well, you’ll be delighted to hear of the return of Great British Chefs on Wednesday 24th March at 8pm.

The series features a total of 32 chefs from the UK who battle it out to the Great British Menu banquet 2021.

Scottish chefs include Roberta Hall-McCarron from Edinburgh’s The Little Chartroom, Amy Elles from The Harbour Café in Fife, Stuart Ralston from Aizle, Edinburgh, and Scott Smith from Fhior, Edinburgh. Good luck to them all!

If you're stuck for ideas for a romantic dinner for Valentine's Day, click on the link above to view some ideas from Britain's greatest chefs. The perfect alternative to going out, with no service charge, corkage or taxi fare! Bon appetit!


January 2021 is behind us already, and the signs of spring are already evident with snowdrops appearing everywhere. If you’ve survived the first month of the year and would like to stay sharp and focused for the next eleven, click on to the link to see the ten best recommended foods which are said to be good for your brain!


Bored of your lockdown lunch?

Then it’s time to think tortilla hack!

Take a standard tortilla wrap and make a single cut to the centre. Then each quadrant of the tortilla is topped with a separate ingredient and the wrap is then folded to make a triangle. Once folded the wrap is toasted until crisp, ideally photographed for social medial and then munched. Enjoy!



Happy New Year to one and all!

As we step tentatively into 2021, we wonder what the future holds for us all, and for those of us in the hospitality industry, most especially what the food and beverage trends will be in the coming months.

Over the past few months, have been busily gathering data to produce this extremely interesting report on the likely food and beverage trends for the next twelve months. This company are passionate about identifying and breaking trends to shift the future of food and drink. Their specialist teams of analysts observe consumer behaviour globally, to allow the hospitality business to harness the power of trends.

It makes for very enlightening reading!


It’s mid-January, and neither the news or the weather are particularly heartwarming at the moment.

This is the time when we turn to comfort food, to improve our mood and give us something to look forward to on these chilly evenings.

These recipes will inspire us, and keep us going until the first signs of spring appear…!

Ever wanted to enjoy your favourite wine, whisky, coffee or beer where it was lovingly crafted/

Click on the link to see VR could take you there…



Are you expecting vegan visitors over Christmas?

Are you stressing about what festive fare you can offer them without leaving them feeling a bit left out?

Panic no more!

If you’re looking for a degree of invention click on the link below to explore some of the most inventive vegan dishes in the UK, and who knows – you might be persuaded to do Veganuary!


 We’re all counting down to Christmas, and the traditional Advent Calendars are already being opened.

What about taking part in the Great British Chefs Advent Calendar 2020?

Click on today's date to reveal a fabulous new prize, then simply answer the question for your chance to win it.

Each competition will close at 11.59pm GMT.

It’s fun, and free to enter each day.

Good luck!


Christmas dinner

 Following Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement that a family Christmas is now possible, there is the added dilemma of having to plan and cook a Christmas meal for our bubble of no more than 8...

But there may be an alternative!

From award-winning bacon packs for all the trimmings to restaurant quality food from all over Scotland, there’s something for all no matter how large or small your festive celebrations may be.

Hopefully some of these suggestions may alleviate your worries and result in a less stressful Christmas in the kitchen!


Thinking of booking a skiing holiday in the Alps next year?

Everyone hopes we’ll be back on the slopes soon.

If not, you can always console yourself by making some of these fantastic recipes using the amazing gruyere cheese – starting with raclette.


Click on the link and transport yourself to a rustic hut deep in the Swiss Alps surrounded by glaciers, forests and rivers!