Enjoy your local, seasonal produce this summer!

The long days and warmer, sunnier days mean we spend more time outside enjoying the weather, and socialising with friends at barbeques or picnics.
June and July provide us with some fantastic fresh produce to enjoy now, or, if preserved in jams and pickle, during the autumnal and winter months.
June is when Scottish strawberries, blackcurrants, gooseberries and cherries are perfect for eating fresh, and in pies, jams and jellies.

British asparagus is still available, but not for long. It’s also the best time for carrots, tomatoes, peppers, broad beans and fennel.

In July, French and runner beans are delicious, and local salad leaves with fresh tomatoes and cucumber are a perfect accompaniment to any savoury dish, hot or cold. Ripe redcurrants and raspberries are at their peak.

Whatever you decide to do with your seasonal fruit and vegetables, make sure you shop local, and support local businesses!
Bon appetit!

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