Caring employers can demonstrate their commitment to employee welfare at this time of crippling energy bills and food inflation by providing a subsidised catering facility offering their workforce a choice of nutritional and affordable meals at break time.

Social media, newspapers and television broadcasters are currently bombarding the public with tales of doom - soaring energy bills, the Ukraine war affecting food prices, and more and more food banks and charities opening up to help families make ends meet. Unions are demanding pay increases, workers are on strike – in fact you could almost believe we are back in the 1970’s! People are feeling the strain of increased costs against their salary.

Employees not eating regular nutritious meals could become unwell, resulting in long term absences or inability to continue in their role, particularly if it requires the individual to be physically and mentally fit. You can reduce the likelihood of absence through illness by providing a canteen for your workforce with healthy options at a subsidised tariff.

Yes - it is an overhead to your organisation, however replacing employees on long term sick and recruiting inducting and training new members of your work are equally expensive. An unhappy workforce causes interruptions on the production line and lead to loss of product or time. The canteen is their place of sanctuary to relax and unwind with their colleagues away from their place of work.

Over 25 years, Albacore have transformed the culture of many well-known Scottish companies with our simple philosophy of providing fresh local produce simply prepared and served by our team of professional chefs and assistants who are always prepared to go the extra mile.

The space you choose for your catering facility should be convenient for your workforce to access at break times, and should have power, water and extraction. With the capital expenditure you have available we will advise the best use of the space operationally for the kitchen, equipment, serving area, and seating area layout, and recommend the style of service best suited to your organisation in relation to your budget. We will then transform the area into a vibrant social space for your workforce with our professional catering team providing a friendly service and fantastic food.

You are at a point of decision.

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