Christmas is back!

How is your company celebrating the festive season this year?

It’s 43 sleeps until Christmas Day, and here’s hoping that for the first time in three years families can spend Christmas Day together again.

Most of us who do celebrate Christmas managed to do so in some form or another over the last two years, whether it was virtually, outside in the garden wearing many layers, or, in some cases, carrying on regardless.

This year the Albacore team are looking forward to providing a fortnight of festive lunches and events for our clients and their employees.

The Christmas jumpers will be reunited with their owners from the back of the wardrobe, the servery and seating areas will be decorated with tinsel, baubles and lights, and there might even be a tree! There may be an exchange of Secret Santa presents.

And this year people can sit together with their teams instead of a table for one, they can enjoy a delicious turkey dinner using crockery, cutlery and glassware, pull crackers, and sing along to Michael Buble’s Christmas hits!

This may be the first time they have all sat down together as a team in three years, and this is an event that can really bring everyone together and cement relationships that have perhaps only ever been virtual. And most importantly, it’s an opportunity for employees to feel appreciated for all the hard work they’ve achieved in 2022. We are really looking forward to it!


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