Healthy Eating At Work

Evidence has shown that employees are more productive when they have more energy.

What you eat and when and where you eat it affects your mood, and depending on your mood, you choose what you’d like to eat.

When people eat well they feel better because of it.

Employees who are bored and demotivated at work are more likely to reach for the biscuit tin or head to the vending machine for a chocolate bar.

Eating healthily can help with anxiety and depression. It is not a coincidence eating foods full of refined sugar, with a high fat level and drinking high amounts of caffeine and alcohol makes you feel a whole lot worse.

Contract caterers can help by ensuring water is readily available to customers either in bottles or from a water fountain.

They can encourage customers to choose a healthy breakfast by agreeing to reduce the tariff of fresh fruit, cereals and yoghurts, wholemeal toast and peanut butter, and display these attractively near the entrance to the restaurant. Loyalty cards also help to encourage uptake.

Bacon butties and sausage rolls will always be popular, but eaten in moderation.

Displaying the nutritional value of items including calories, salt and fat content helps employees make informed choices. The catering team can also assist by advising which are the healthiest menu choices. The general rule is to avoid a high carbohydrate lunch, and eat salads, vegetables and fruit.

Making time to leave the desk or place of work is vital at lunch time, and can be incorporated into taking a walk, or meeting friends or colleagues. Doing an activity such as visiting the gym, doing yoga or swimming are good ways of maintaining fitness. Eating at regular times helps energy levels and increases the feeling of wellbeing.

Keeping healthy snacks such as fruits nuts and seeds near your desk will discourage you from visiting the vending machine. Wish your colleagues well on their birthday at work but avoid the birthday cake!

We work closely with our clients to complement the initiatives they have introduced to encourage wellbeing in their workplace.

We have increased the number of vegan choices for Veganuary, worked with Human Resources for Healthy Working Lives accreditation, run health and wellbeing days, provided free fruit and healthy snacks, and provided cookery demonstrations promoting healthy eating.

We offer healthy choices for working lunches.

Our clients have provided onsite fitness classes, or free or reduced gym membership, introduced mental health first aiders, they monitor work rotas and shifts to avoid employee burnout, and encourage open conversations between managers and employees.

Introducing social and sporting activities, walking meetings, exercise challenges, employee surveys about mental health and wellbeing, providing standing desks, and offering a bike to work scheme have all been well received.

We are always delighted to get involved in any new initiatives to improve health and fitness in the workplace, not just by offering great healthy food, but by working in partnership with our clients.


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