See Woo Asian Supermarket

Last week I took one of our chefs to the See Woo Asian supermarket in Springburn, Glasgow.  Colin and I were after some inspiration for the following week's menu.  See below to see what we found...

There is an amazing range of exotic ingredients, from baby aubergines to custard fruits.

steamed rice dumplings and pork buns.

Every sauce you can possibly imagine
And some ingredients you could never have imagined!! This a shelf full of different dried mushrooms and fungi.

There is also a large section for seafood and fish.

Lovely spoots (razorclams), mussels, clams, oysters

  live crabs and langoustine

As well as a tank full of live Tilapia!!

See Woo is one of the best places to buy all a huge variety of Asian sauces, spices, vegetables, noodles, rice, cakes meat and fish.  If you cannot find the ingredient in the supermarket I bet you will find it here!!

We both left full of ideas and with an armful of goodies to eat at the weekend.

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