Earthy Food Market

Earthy Food Market is one of my favourite places to shop, full of local, organic and seasonal produce.  My nearest store is on Ratcliff Terrace in Causewayside however, they have two more stores in Portobello and Cannonmills.  They have a simple philosophy of buying great local produce and presenting it in season.  Below the store there is a great wee cafe serving yummy cakes and salads.

The building is set back from the road,  try not to miss it!!

The car park is a helpful when my arms are full of food and my wee girl!
They also have plants for sale

A well stocked shop,  ready for browsing.
Fabulous, chewy breads.

soo much to choose from
Like ths purple khol rabi

Summer vegetables bursting from the shelves.
Every type of tomato you can think of.

The downstairs cafe.
Inventive decoration.

Their newest store in Cannonmills

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