The Roseleaf

After fifteen years of uninterrupted, loyal service my kilt has finally given up its' attempts to keep my increasing girth at bay.  I decided to take it down to the kilt-maker to get it adjusted.  The ever polite assistant gave me a sympathetic look and with well practiced sincerity said, "Ahh,  I see your kilt has shrunk,  don't worry we will fix it."

With the reassurance that I still had the same waist line as I had when I was 21, I skipped happily round the corner to one of my favourite cafe/pubs in Edinburgh for a celebratory breakfast.

The Roseleaf pub used to be The Black Swan near the shore in Leith.  The street was infamous for the night time business of prostitutes, but recently it as been cleaned up by the arrival of blocks of new apartments and the ladies of the night have moved on.

The whole place is filled with a mix of crockery and bits 'n' bobs which all match perfectly.  Odd tea cups and cutlery make for a homely, yet stylish feel.  But, as always, it is quality of the food that attracts me.

The brunch menu had some great local and hearty dishes but I could not resist the "Big Yin" breakfast.

 Their own, baked beans, potato scones and bread filled half of the sizzling, cast iron skillet. The gaps filled with a fine pork sausage from Henderson's Butchers, bacon, a fired egg, roast tomato and meaty flat cap mushroom.  To assuage the guilt  I ordered a lovely freshly squeezed OJ.

 Family friendly, reasonably priced and relaxed the Roseleaf has to be one of my favourite places to have breakfast.  As luck would have it my kilt will not be ready until next week which means I may have to stop in for breakfast again......

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